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Accommodation for graduate and later year students

If you're not fresh out of High School and you prefer more independent living, we have a number of options. Please note, while all efforts are made to house as many graduate students as possible, accommodation cannot be guaranteed and you may need to look into alternative accommodation options off-campus.

Accommodation cannot be guaranteed for graduate students and you should be prepared to seek accommodation off-campus in case there is no availability in the student residences on campus.

University owned and operated residences include Bruce Hall Packard Wing, Graduate House, University House, Fenner Hall, Burton & Garran Hall and Toad Hall. Burgmann College, John XXIII College, Davey Lodge, Kinloch Lodge, Warrambul Lodge and Lena Karmel Lodge are affiliated Colleges and Lodges.

Select a residence from the table below for more details

Self-Contained Apartments

Residential Hall Style

Ursula Hall Laurus Wing

Toad Hall (Postgraduates or undergraduates who are aged 24 years or older)

Burgmann College PG Village

Fenner Hall (mainly undergraduates)

Bruce Hall Packard Wing

Burton & Garran Hall (mainly undergraduates)

Davey Lodge

ANU rental properties

Kinloch Lodge

Accommodation alternatives

Warrumbul Lodge

Lena Karmel Lodge

Graduate House

University House

Important: Only 1 offer of accommodation is made to successful applicants. If you need to change your preference this must be completed before a offer is made. Once an offer is received, the first and final offer, the preference cannot be changed. If an offer is declined it is assumed further assistance with accommodation is not required.

2013 Residential Fees - A summary of our fees and tariffs (pdf)